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In the source code for DAROACH.NET , I wrote functionality to collect statistics on site usage. For example, how often I serve different web pages to each client. This information can help me prioritize areas of development focus. Would you like to join 26 other visitors in accepting I place a cookie in your browser?

- Gagan Daroach

Welcome to DAROACH.NET

Hello. My name is Gagan Daroach, and you have used the power of the internet to connect to a box in my apartment. Thanks for coming through! I am growing this website to be both a reflection of myself and a share of my learnings and experiences. Do feel free to explore around, and poke on every button.

The Wall

whats coming?

I have a large vision for this website. Everyday a little more of that vision becomes real. Heres a rough idea of what I have in store for the future. In order of priority. All the code changes are tracked on github at the source code link the footer.

whats on

Honestly nothing that is too up to date. Everything is an active work in progress. You can see what i'm working on at the bottom of this page.


The Homelab

See the hardware that just served this webpage. Also read about the software stack used to build this page and send it to your screen.

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The Hoster

Learn about who I am and what I do.

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